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What ever happened to respect your elders?

I am a bit riled this afternoon after having an encounter with a young girl, about 9, in the playground of Rocky's school. When growing up, I was taught to respect ALL adults and do what they say when they asked. I was taught that other people's parents MUST be respected at all times, you'd call them Mr and Mrs and show them gratitude and smile. If told off by an adult for something you would say sorry and do what they say or at least genuinely mean sorry. Even as a teen, as gobby as I was, if a friend's parent told me off I was mortified (you know who you are).

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My blog taught me the art of being wrong...

Blog/life balance can somehow get a bit crazy in the midst of all things online. Wires are sometimes crossed and opinions are formed without a single understanding of what is really happening behind what you see on the screens. People can be seen as something they're not and feelings can be hurt without you even realising. Here lies where my blog has taught me how to be wrong.

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5 ways you can win at being an awesome parent for free...

Parenting, something people try so hard to get right and can often get it so wrong but are you winning at it? If they are fed, warm, clean and happy the only other thing you need to do is create memories they will cherish forever and amazingly they are completely free. Sometimes all you need is a bit of nonsense and a huge lump of laugh out loud giggles, that way you know that you are definitely winning at this parenting lark and you're an awesome parent... 

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The reason why your friend with a child with 'needs' hasn't been in contact recently...

I often hear people grumbling about friends not understanding why they can't do everything they used to and how boring people have got now they have children. The case is even more exaggerated when the friend in question has a child with 'needs'. Whether it be physical, mental or medical or a mix of all three, parents with children of 'needs' quite frankly have more to think about than what to have for tea or whether they'll make it to your birthday bash next week.

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Hibernation isn't just a winter thing...

So I have been hibernating over the summer; you know like a bear or a squirrel does in winter but without the nuts and a bit less snow. Mainly because I'm on new medication that made me sleepy for a while, but also because the kids have been at home with me and the house needed me to hold it's hand throughout the ordeal that is called "the summer holidays". 

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