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Organising the Hoffice...

Hoff starts a new job this week and after 13 years at his old company this will be a BIG DAY for him. In preparation for his new start we decided to give the 'Hoffice' a clear out and freshen up ready for us both to work in.

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#Sp, HomeAlice Hassall
Making a Cleaning Schedule Work For You... Add alcohol!

2014 was the least organised year I have had for quite a while. I left my Post It notes behind me, forgot to do lists and complete lists and generally bodged up organised life as I had come to know it. I have had enough of it, it makes my head burst and my mental health unstable... well more unstable than usual. I need to get on it, get organised and get my routines back on track, so I've fixed myself a house cleaning schedule that fits my needs.

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Me and My #BusinessPyjamas

Blogging is something that can be done anywhere, anytime. Something that can be done from home, a café, a train, tube or even bus. It can be done in bed or on the sofa, on a laptop, computer or an iPad/tablet. It can even be done in the bath, if you're carful enough not to drop it.

This is why I love my job.

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