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My blog taught me the art of being wrong...

Blog/life balance can somehow get a bit crazy in the midst of all things online. Wires are sometimes crossed and opinions are formed without a single understanding of what is really happening behind what you see on the screens. People can be seen as something they're not and feelings can be hurt without you even realising. Here lies where my blog has taught me how to be wrong.

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#BritMumsLive - An Inspiringly Drunken Good Time

Blogging is a funny old world. You have the highs, the lows, the crazies, the lovelies and the wine.... ALL THE WINE. 

This weekend was Britmums Live, a blogging conference at The Brewery in London. I have been going to this conference for years now and each year has been completely different but with one similar tradition... Alice gets drunk and makes a tit out of herself to the amusement/annoyance of others. This years BML I did not disappoint in said tradition... even as I walked in I was instantly thrust upon some of CBeebies TwirlyWoos of which I may have accused of staring at my boobs! *face palm*

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