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Everything you need to know about the morning after pill

This might come as a surprise post on here but I like to have a mix of info and fun on here. Recently I have been reminiscing about how stupid I was as a teenager and how important I feel teens knowing their stuff is. The internet wasn't as readily available when I was a teen and so the info was only there if you had the guts to ask someone.

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Random Father's Day Gifts - The Gift of Cringe

Those who truly love their dads, embarrass their dads. So forget the socks and mugs this Father’s Day – give Dad something which will have the whole family roaring with laughter: Accentuate. I love the idea of this game. My accents are AWFUL and so are my dad's so this is amazing. Also Hoff's idea of a scouse accent is the same as a farmer... no idea how or why but they sound the same when he tries.

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