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#BritMumsLive - An Inspiringly Drunken Good Time


Blogging is a funny old world. You have the highs, the lows, the crazies, the lovelies and the wine.... ALL THE WINE. 

This weekend was Britmums Live, a blogging conference at The Brewery in London. I have been going to this conference for years now and each year has been completely different but with one similar tradition... Alice gets drunk and makes a tit out of herself to the amusement/annoyance of others. This years BML I did not disappoint in said tradition... even as I walked in I was instantly thrust upon some of CBeebies TwirlyWoos of which I may have accused of staring at my boobs! *face palm*

Amongst the brands, bloggers and staff was this strange tall blonde in a hat, fondling men's beards and making Lindemans top up her wine at every given opportunity. She, despite telling herself she would do loads this year, only attended two sessions and spent the rest of the time just talking crap and making herself known as 'that drunk one'.. again. At least this year I didn't sexually abuse Elmo at a brand's stand... yep, that actually happened last year!

The hat had a purpose too by the way, it was not just a fashion statement, it was actually there to hide my horrific roots because I decided to spend my hair money on something more important happening this week (stay tuned to instagram this week for more info). Oh and I do actually have a bit of a hat fetish. I would like to thank Joules actually, as despite my crazy antics where I accidentally tried to force feed their Ice Cream to Carol Smillie at their stand... yep, you read that right, they allowed me to swap my original hat on day two to one of their amazing striped sun hat range. They were very shocked when I actually took it back at the end of the day, I think they thought I'd steal it; I may well have done a few more wines in. 

I actually feel sorry for any of the other brands in which I accosted with my strange way of being 'professional' too. Carnival Cruises for instance have in their possession an application to become one of their fun family ambassadors, written whilst drunk in the hotel room with a half finished sentence finished just before handing it in (chances may well be low for this one). Although the photo they took was awesome, I wish I'd had a copy; think beach ball balancing and crazy glasses. The RealTime App fellas of which I stole lots of M&Ms from and chatted at length to about complete nonsense and CatFishing... long story. The Lindemans team of who I actually ended up not even having to speak to in order to have my glass topped up and the Beattie Group girls who stood there laughing as I pointed at each of their brands and explained how I had so far used/worked with or wanted to work with, each of their clients and why; only one of which was a serious reason.

I'd had brunch at the beautiful Foxlow with Mark Warner, so before I even got there I had drunk several cocktails and was therefore not responsible for my behaviour... they were! *laughs*

On a serious note...

This year life has become more of a crazy journey than ever, for more reasons than one, and so making it to Britmums Live was a pretty good achievement in itself. Making it as a Finalist in the BiBs though was a huge achievement in which I didn't think I was worthy of. My category was made up of some of the most amazing bloggers in the community. People who have worked really hard on being big in their field, a voice of reason and inspiration, do so much for people all over the world and have a real story to tell. I have been having a bit of a meltdown about being in this category as I am in no way any of these things. I am a fraud. The only thing I inspire is the use of hip flasks at conferences and the word Fuck in blog posts. I don't deserve the title of inspirational, I deserve the title of drunked in a hat. Luckily, the judges thought exactly that too as my beautiful friend Hayley from Down Side Up won our section... not that we knew that as we were both outside chatting to a beautiful journalist and bloody missed our section!! hahahahaha the one and only time I'm a finalist and I miss my name being called and H misses her being crowned the winner! Typical.

However despite my drunkenness, on Friday I realised that I have done one small thing that might actually warrant me being in this category. I inspired someone to blog and be in our one of a kind community and do it better than I can within a year... 

Nikki from 'Keeping Strong and Moving Forward' attended her first Britmums Live this year less than a year after we had first contact and became friends. Nikki, Hayley and I are members of a 4k strong Down Syndrome support group made up of parents of children of all ages with that little extra chromosome. We got chatting after Nikki became a member and I spotted that she was much younger than many others and I could relate to her new struggles. Having only just had her daughter's diagnosis thrown at her, I wanted to scoop her up and take her away from all the craziness, as this is by far the hardest thing she will have been through as a parent so far, despite her having 3 other children and I knew what was coming. We got chatting about blogging and I said how much it helped when I first started to just get it out and deal with it and not bottle it up and so I told her to start one up and she'd realise just how awesome the world of blogging can be. I really wish I'd done it from the beginning as it may have stopped many distressing moments in and out of my head. Nikki and I met FINALLY this weekend and I was like a proud mother as I watched her confidently swan around the 700 bloggers, of whom she mostly knew, without any qualms. I have to drink lots to do that. Introducing Nikki to our crazy supportive community has to be my main achievement of blogging so far. Hats off and bottoms up to that and her... *puts hat on quickly to hide the horrific roots!* although next time I expect a cuddle from Ivy Mrs. 

So lets just say this weekend was pretty Inspiringly Drunken Good Time and hopefully next year will be just as mental... now here is a video by my awesome friend the The Ginger Warrior of which I cameo with a willy straw!  This is the best kinda job EVER, right?!