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British Independence Day - The new normal sparks a social media war.

I often think that social media has changed the world for the better and in some ways the worse. But never more so the latter than when it's election or vote time. No matter where you are in the world, you have politics. No matter where you stand with the politics in your country, you have backlash. For every opinion there is an opposing opinion and that is where the problem lies. 

Social media has become the mouth piece for those who wouldn't usually voice their opinion or have the platform to do so. This is fantastic, we live in a democracy in which we are all allowed an opinion and have the right to voice it. HOWEVER, some people have no idea how to do so without anger and abuse weakening their argument. 

In the last election I lost a few friends over their actions following the results. Their strong opinions were completely acceptable, their behaviour and passive aggressive wording was not. Facebook became the school playground and the slanging matches were just not attractive or necessary. I feel strongly that people can do and say what they believe in and should never be bullied into changing their opinion or find it necessary to have to answer to what they believe in. Especially by people who just can't accept that there are others who may not agree with them. This is life, everybody is different.

You are not wrong for what you think, because we have a right to think whatever we like. You are not right however just because your vote and what you think gained power or became the front runner.

You are not wrong if you do not agree with your best friend, family or neighbours but neither are they.

You are not wrong for speaking your mind and debating the subjects you feel strongly about. But you are wrong if you throw insults at the opposing side because things didn't go your way.

You are wrong if you believe that your words won't offend people if you are abusing them via your keyboard because of their vote.

You are wrong if you think social media represents the results before they're in because certain people/sides are shouting the loudest. Not all of the country are on social media and not all people agree with sharing what they've voted so publicly. This is a false sense of security I have seen grow over the years and always leads to disappointment and anger when the vote doesn't go their way and it's sad to see.

I have kept very neutral throughout this referendum. I have a politically strong minded family in which have themselves been torn in opinion but amicably so. I do not wish to expose my vote or myself to the hysteria of the UK social media right now. I do not find it necessary to debate my decision with people and I also don't find it necessary to fall out with anyone over theirs.

This is our country whether in the EU or not, we need to unite, we need to support and nourish what in now our new normal. We need to stand as one and fight as one. We are adults, we should behave like adults, leave the Facebook playground wars to the teens and get back to being adults. Life is too short to spend it hating each other and this country is too small to be so divided. 

Britain can't go back to yesterday, it was a different country then.

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