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Blogging: Pretending to be something I'm not...

Hi my name is Alice and I am a blogger who has been blogging for 5+ years and still to this day has no idea what she's doing but often pretends she does for effect.

I pretend to be someone I'm not. There I said it. I pretend in blog groups I have a clue what I'm doing but I don't. When people in real life ask me how to get started I help them all I can but do I practice what I preach? Do I bollocks. Do I think I'm something I'm not... probably. Do I want to do what I think I do... definitely. 

I often give give good advice, I seldom take it myself
— Alice in Wonderland

I have the above quote tattooed on my wrist it is that accurate of my life. I need to start doing what I am supposed to now that Rocky is starting school. I need to have a bit more income in my household and an actual job to be proud of. I need to be an adult, dammit.

So, this is my wake up call, my slap in the face, my desperate plea to myself to stop procrastinating and keep up with the Jones and create the blog I pretend to have and be the blogger I pretend to be. 

I probably won't but it's worth a shot right?

This blog post is the ultimate way of procrastinating whilst talking about procrastination. I've failed at the first hurdle. 

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