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A Coffee Guide For Newbies... by Café Direct

So apparently there is an art to drinking 'Proper Coffee' and I had NO IDEA people took it all so seriously. I have never liked coffee but I'm liking it more and more now; I wasn't overly keen on hot drinks actually but I think mainly it was all because it was so bloody complicated! What the hell is the difference between a Latte and a flat white? What the hell is a Moccachino or whatever odd names they've come up with for whats basically just coffee milk and a splash of flavouring... why so complicated? *head explodes*

Whilst on twitter today the lovely Incredibusy was talking to me about coffee and tagged Café Direct, a coffee company offering all sorts of different coffee. I told them I was a coffee newbie and they sent me the above picture, which basically tells you everything you need to know when ordering a coffee for the first time. A coffee guide for idiots, if you like. FANTASTIC STUFF! Just what I needed. Now when I wonder into Costa I won't just order what the person in front does just because it sounds nice... which is what I've done several times recently. It was just an experiment I was doing, I learnt a bit about who orders what and when. 

So there you go, I now know what is actually in each type of coffee and I didn't even have to hold the queue up whilst they explained it. Hurrah for coffee.


Café Direct didn't pay me for this, I was just very impressed with their guide and thought I'd share it because it was helpful for me!