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Why I shouldn't be allowed to drink wine at events...

Because events and wine go hand in hand and wine makes this girl going a bit unpredictably cra cra and stupid, very stupid, I'm thinking I shouldn't be allowed to drink it at all.

There is a reason I stick to alchopops or Gin when it comes to alcoholic substances and public places. I have learnt throughout the years that other types of drinks make me react in different ways.

  • Beer makes me angry and a bit sick... a lot sick.
  • Cider takes me back to the park as a teen and so I avoid that.
  • Wine makes me VERY drunk, very quick and stupid, very stupid.
  • Jager makes me ill for weeks and I'm banned under Dr's orders.
  • Vodka makes my brain hurt the next day.
  • Rum makes me happy but the hangovers aren't great
  • Alchopops mean I can drink all night and not be as drunk as the above.
  • Gin makes me grin... that is all.

I find it funny that my body reacts to things in different ways but I need to listen to it so that I don't get myself into trouble or look like a tit. Recently I went to an event on my own and there was wine, lots and lots of wine. I knew nobody and so I thought a few drinks would help my confidence...

Big mistake... big BIG mistake.

I hadn't eaten. I had been given a glass of wine which had been topped up regularly throughout the night. I then went on to tell one PR bloke that I had his name tattooed on my back as an opening greeting and regularly just made a tit out of myself until I left. It's ok though, at least they'll remember me... right? *face palm*

Once I got to the train station to get my train home, I rang my mate and continued to talk crap and make a tit out of myself, saying some of the most dumbest things I think I have ever said, much to his amusement.

Once I woke up the next morning I had a fuzzy memory of some of the things I had said... I actually think I'd prefer to not remember any of it. I have now resigned to the idea that Wine is not fine and that gin is my thing.

Please don't let me out on my own again, it's just not worth the headache the next day. Now I'm going to sit in shame and eat caramelised onion tart tatin or maybe even a Vegetable Frittata .... nahhhh scrap that, I'll have some Red Velvet Cupcakes instead.

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