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One Wedding, Two Weddings, Three Weddings, Four?

It's all about weddings this year. I think I've hit that age, everybody seems to be getting married!

I am on my 3rd wedding invite for this year alone and it's starting to look like love is in the air with the late twenties, early thirties crew, it's made me wonder who will be next?

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE IT, I love a good wedding so the more the merrier (and merry I will definitely be). I am obsessed with weddings and have sorely missed planning mine since the big day in 2013. It has left a pinterest, crafting shaped hole in my heart.

I am so looking forward to documenting the happy couple's love on here with beautiful pictures of beautiful brides, you know, so you can watch as I sob and pretend I'm ok that my wedding planning days are over.

Maybe I could just have a renewal of vows every 5 years and make it my excuse for gazing at wedding stuff online... Hoff, what do you think? *hears a faint cry of Nooooooooo from the other room*

friends, LifeAlice Hassall