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I think my kids are addicted to Selfies...

I found this picture on my phone the other day... there were 100's of them

I think my kids are addicted to selfies. Does that make me a bad mum? Nah, it's better than them being addicted to crack, right? *looks hopeful*

I know, I know, It's my own fault, I do more than your average when it comes to selfies and it has become a bit of an addiction for me too but WOW my kids seem to be following in my generations egotistical selfie ways at an incredibly early age. It is just a way of life for this generation and obviously the next are going for it too now, even the babies.

When asked what a camera is for and handed to Kyd he automatically turned the camera round and pulled a face... oh dear.

If they get hold of a phone, tablet or camera their initial thought is 'ooo selfie'. Even the 2 year old is at it. I actually think it's pretty funny but I'm sure some Psychologist somewhere is filing some sort of 'selfies will kill out a generation within 2 years' type of document and make it a scary 'you're a bad parent for letting them do it' thing.

Well I think that my kids are cute and so until they start talking to themselves in the mirror telling themselves how awesome they are, I'm not going to worry.