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I've been shortlisted in the BiBs 2015

I'm struggling with this one. I feel overwhelmed by the idea of being nominated let alone shortlisted. Just look at the names on that list... I am in no way even close to their amazingness. I feel like I have sneaked into a party with no invite or blagged a job with a fake CV. 

Blogging is the only thing (other than parenthood) that I have ever stuck to and every day I am grateful for all the cool adventures and friends that Blogging has given me. Being nominated for an award is by far the best feeling I have had since I started and yet the most daunting to boot. 

It is freaking me out a bit and so I have left it until now to shout about it. Others are DMing people on social Media sites asking for votes, I don't believe in that and soI will leave the decision up to you. Here is a little video I made to stop my awkwardness and let you know what we are all about here. (Voting link is at the end of this post).

I am no good at bigging myself up...

When I aired my concerns about feeling like I don't belong on that list, I had a very tear jerking response from a bunch of bloggers who I respect as friends as well as fellow bloggers. I know that they know how much I hate uncomfortable compliments and so will always give me a slap instead of the niceness, however this time I was shocked at the response as even Tired Mummy of Two managed to tell me something nice without being sweary.

It’s not just about how much you write about, it’s much more than that. It’s about how much support you give to other people when they’re down. You have truly helped me and my daughter this year, massively. Just because your life is tough, you never stop looking for ways to help others. That’s what’s inspiring about you. You’re inspiring without knowing it.
— Actually Mummy
Alice you’re dispelling the myth that teenage mums are hopeless. You’ve shown that despite getting pregnant young and having a son with lots of additional needs, you can still take on red tape and win. You have fought lots of causes on behalf of Kyd and should be proud of all you’ve achieved. Raising awareness that Down syndrome does not and should not define a person. They have the condition but they have a million other things to define them too. And with every rock concert, football match or festival that you take Kyd to you inspire us all just a little bit more. You take all that life has thrown at you with a smile.
— Mummy Barrow
Life can be crap and too many bloggers feel that they need to share every single crappy moment. You are different, instead of moaning about all the stuff you have to deal with you show the world that life can be awesome and that you shouldn’t stop trying to do things even if they are hard. For me that is truly inspiring!
— Tired Mummy of Two
Honesty. One thing you are so good at. But at the same time, you don’t let it bring you or your family down. You grab life by the balls and make sure you all enjoy life to fullest. Every single day.
— The Hazel Key
It is not easy showing yourself to the world, but you do it unashamedly. Your life as a young mother to two boys is there for all to see and without any apologies. Dealing with issues like Down Syndrome and motherhood with a child who has Down Syndrome is something you do it amazingly well. You are an inspiration, living life the way it should be done, in your own way.
— Eclectic Enchantments

To vote for me PLEASE click this Link (I am in section 5)