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A Traditional Family Easter

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Easter is one of those times where Bank Holidays, days off work, family time and chocolate go hand in hand but for some it is more about family time and spirituality.

I am catholic and Easter is one of the busiest times for families in the church, for obvious reasons to most, but not for all, as Easter is actually a religious holiday not a chocolate one and so a trip to Church is part of tradition for a lot of families

Growing up I loved Easter at church because we got to do fun stuff in Sunday School and show them off during the service. It was also a big thing for me because annoyingly I am allergic to Chocolate and so Easter Eggs were not part of the deal, so it took my mind off the fact that everyone else was stuffing their faces with chocolate and I wasn't.

It is in fact a tradition I have kept up throughout parenthood and although we don't go to church as regularly as my Nan would have liked, we do go for the big religious festivals so that we keep in touch with our faith. Kyd has kept up the family tradition and has been involved in many Sunday school craft showcases and family services throughout his life. He really enjoys it and feels like part of the community. Rocky however has issues sitting through the service and so is often found outside running riot... with many other toddlers, I might add.

I know, I know, it's a bit old fashioned and something you probably wouldn't expect from a potty mouthed odd bod like me but I think a lot of my faith and sometimes wish we went to church a bit more to bring Sunday's and Easters back to what they were when I was a kid.

This Easter Sunday we will be going to church as a family and smiling knowing that we aren't the only ones doing so. I have been talking to my friend up north and she has been telling me about the celebrations that her Cristian Spiritualist church has at this time of year. Being a CHRISTIAN Spiritualist church, they treat Easter the same as we would in the catholic church, except they focus more on the Spiritualism and Mediumship side of things of course. I have been to this church with her before and it was very insightful. As someone that has been to a Medium for a Psychic Reading I found on TheCircle a few times it was interesting to me how they matched Christianity and Mediumship together so beautifully. My ignorance was squashed that day and my mind opened and although I still see myself as Catholic I have to say, if I joined another church it would be that one.

I hope this Easter is a joyous one for all and people across all religions get to enjoy their family time and their religious celebrations together, hand in hand... and get a bit of chocolate too, after all the rest of the world think it's a good excuse to pig out, who am I to argue.

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