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Bruces Big Day Out

This Summer #BruceTheTortoise was cast for a big role in a small film. To film it he had to take a trip to London. He went on the train, the tube, in a taxi, out for lunch with his Auntie Charlie and even had a walk about in Hyde Park (we made a video, check it out at the end of the post)... I have never in my life had so many people talking to me on a tube in my life. He made friends with some American's, had a cuddle with a little girl and made so many people smile that I have been tempted to do it again since just to see more people happy on, which usually is a very miserable, tube journey.

Obviously he wasn't just in my pocket, he has his own Box/Caravan and was nice and safe whilst I looked like a mentalist carrying him around, answering questions about why I was carrying a tortoise around London, which when said out loud just made me look weirder. Who pimps their tortoise out to film producers... ME! He needs to earn his keep you know... I joke, I am jus a pushy mum.


Once we got to our destination he was greeted with more than a smile, he was greeted with a NOSE... his part of the film was about senses and so he had a plastercine nose on his back.... yep, I know, weird huh?! He preformed perfectly and I didn't even have to bribe him with raisons to do it. He's a star. I was very proud.

After he'd done his bit, we headed to Hyde Park to see if we could catch a few bloggers before they left a meet up, we didn't, we missed them by minutes but Bruce had earned a bit of a chill out and so we sat and had an icecream/walk on the grass... OK so I admit, that did make me look like a mentalist and even in London, that is not a normal thing to do but we don't care, life is boring when you're normal! Hmmmm Maybe I should get Bruce a modelling contract, that was quite a fun day out....

OK, OK, I know, Life As Alice just gets a weirder as the days go on... but that just makes it more fun right?! :)

Who takes a tortoise to London... I do! Why?! Because HE had a starring role in an arty film!... Of course.