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A Poem - This Is Not Goodbye, This Is Not Farewell

This weekend we lost a very important person in our lives. A great friend to all he knew and a loving father and husband to two very important friends of ours.  He had been holding on and fighting his battle with cancer for a long time and on Saturday he closed his eyes and passed away. He was comfortable, surrounded by home comforts and ready to go. That is all he wanted.

I know that his wife is very spiritual and so she knows that he will be with her at every step of her journey here without him and I know that his son knows we will all be by their sides too. He is at peace now but his memory lives on.

I am better with poems than words of sympathy and so this is for the family as I know they are reading.

This is Not Goodbye, This Is Not Farewell

This is not goodbye, this is not farewell,

I am not in heaven, I am not in hell.

I am right here, right by your side,

And I will stay right here, I will not hide.

You'll remember me, now I have gone,

During every word of my favourite song

And may every word of my favourite book

Make you remember just how I look.

With every visit to where we met,

You'll remember me, with the smile that you get.

You'll remember me with every photo you keep,

So do not cry and do not weep.

I am right here, right by your side,

I will not leave, I will not hide.

Alice Hassall 2015

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