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Oh You Pretty Things - My Mugs

This weeks 'Oh You Pretty Things' linky is about your favourite Mugs and Tea Cups. I had a huge Mug clear out recently and only kept the ones we love so it's perfect really.

Each one tells a story about our life together as a married couple, because before that I didn't drink hot drinks and didn't really have many mugs. Marriage makes you grow up doesn't it and grown ups drink hot drinks, sooooo I'm old now and like tea.

Mug 1 - Mrs Always Right...

Speaks for itself really doesn't it. He knows it, I know it and as long as he remembers it, life will be sweet. He bought me it as a joke for my birthday, jokes on him really, I use this to gloat when he gets something wrong and I'm right.

Mug 2 - You Are My Happy Ending...

This one is something that was bought for me by Hoff when I was feeling horrendously down after a spell of depression. I hated myself and I thought he'd leave me because I was in a funny head space. He wouldn't leave me, he's stuck with me for life... poor sod. I tend to use this one to boost my mood, an extra spoon of sugar usually helps too.

Mug 3 - Now Panic and Freak Out...

Usually used before the one above and when Hoff realises he's married to a mad woman. Actually it's used the most as he notices that daily.

Cup and Saucer...

This is the cup and saucer placed on the top table at our wedding with sweets in. It stays pride of place next to my Bouquet in view of all and represents one of the most amazing days of my life (funnily enough Keynko has the rest of my haul from my tea party wedding and has even more waiting in my shed, she's given them a beautiful home so it makes me smile to know she loves them just as much as me).

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