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The year Christmas became magical for Kyd...

It was the month before Christmas and all through the house, there were whispers of Lego and a big Mickey Mouse. There was an excited little face and talks of going to a magical place, where a jolly fat man did a reindeer race. It was cold outside and we had to wrap up warm but we live in the UK, so that was just the norm. We walked down the street below thousands of lights, which were sparkling brightly at very high heights. Then we got to the door of this brightly lit store and we waited in line to see the jolly man we adore. The excitement grew and grew as the line we went through and it was right then in which Kyd realised and knew. 'SANTA!' Kyd shouted with a magical squeak and suddenly the cold wasn't so bleak. The joy on his face made me warm up inside and it was a feeling in which I found hard to hide. You see it had taken him years to understand the magic of the jolly fat man and I knew that eventually he'd be his number one fan. The years before we'd done exactly the same but he didn't understand that it was him that came. No matter how hard I tried he never understood even when we did everything we possibly could. So this was the year in which I knew, I must do everything that I can possibly do, to make this Christmas extra magical for my little boo.

It was a week before Christmas and all through the house the magic was growing whilst he watched Mickey Mouse. The house was covered in paper snowflakes and it was full of the smell of homemade bakes. Kyd was busy flicking through a huge book full of toys for girls and boys, he circled the ones he wanted with joy. He had a great big smile that went on for miles and then he asked for some help for just a short while. He wanted me to help him to write to the jolly old man, so he could write it out the best that he can. I again began to feel that warm glow inside, that one in which I really can't hide. On the list was a cuddly cat, a cricket bat and a magicians hat and he said is it ok if he had all that? With a great big smile I turned and said 'he will only bring it all if you go to bed. You see he will only come if you are really good' and he said he'd be the best boy that he could. I started to wish Santa came every month, so I could get him upstairs without a grump. It was bliss at bedtime for the entire week and really easy to get him to sleep.

Then it was the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even Mickey Mouse. I was sprinkling glitter all up the stairs and biting the carrot so the reindeers could pretend it was theirs. I bit into the pie and drank from the glass that we'd left out and made sure I left some glitter so there wasn't any doubt. Wrapping the presents I heard a small noise and I jumped up quickly to hide all the toys. I ran up the stairs and told him Santa won't come, if he didn't shut his eyes he'd miss all the fun. His eyes were quickly shut and he fell fast asleep and until 6am I didn't hear a peep. But that is when all the hard work pays off and I watched his excitement with every sweet that he scoffed. The smiles and the joy as he opened each toy, was worth every penny for every noise that'll annoy. As he picked up the cat and the bat and the hat he cried with happiness and that was that. Santa was now his bestest friend and I knew this love would never end. 'THANK YOU SANTA!' he shouted out of the door and down those mummy tears did pour. The day I thought would never come, had played it's role and been and gone.

I will never forget that magical year and when I think about it I will always shed a tear. The proud feeling of almost relief it seems, is one that year after year still beams. He still believes in the magic now and with a brother to now teach about every wow, it becomes a lot more magical still and I reckon that it always will. The best memories are made at Christmas time and this, right here, is one of mine.

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