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Me and My #BusinessPyjamas

Blogging is something that can be done anywhere, anytime. Something that can be done from home, a café, a train, tube or even bus. It can be done in bed or on the sofa, on a laptop, computer or an iPad/tablet. It can even be done in the bath, if you're carful enough not to drop it.

This is why I love my job.

I love that I can roll out of bed feed the kids, kick the big one out to school, wave goodbye to the Mr and sit at my desk (the sofa), laptop on my knee sorting my emails with Cbeebies on in the background and the toddler playing happily. After a while I do have to venture off my sofa and entertain the toddler, feed him and chat all things Cars or Monsters. All still in my PJ's.

I do get dressed eventually, walking the dog in your PJ's is odd even for the area I live in.

The funny thing is, when I do venture out for a meeting, hospital appointment or event, I shove some make up on and more often than not, my big lashes, and ta-da I am slightly presentable. I like to think people think I look like that all the time and that I am all glamorous and made up on the other end of the blog posts they're reading. 

I'm going to shatter that illusion

I spend most of my working week in my Where's Wally PJ's. There is defo no make up involved and my hair gets scraped back like I'm at the gym (pffffft hahahaha who am I kidding, I never go to the gym). The postman might think I'm a proper slob but I tip him at Christmas so he doesn't care.

So Apologies to all who meet me and think I have my face on all the time... I don't, I just do it for you, because I love you.

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