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Help Me, I think I'm Katie Hopkins With A Conscience!

Ahhhhhhh Bollocks. *downs glass of neat Gin*

Since Katie Hopkins entered the Celebrity Big Brother house I have found myself cringing... not with anger like in the past but with the realisation that we are very, very, similar.

I may not agree with a lot that she says in the real world, in fact I would like to kick her in the head sometimes she's that much of a cow, but she does speak a lot of sense in between the nonsense. I actually can't believe I am saying this. I have hated this woman for years.

I have watched and listened and even said what she goes on to say before she says it. I actually think the way she thinks about a lot of things but with more of a conscience and in my head not out loud. I've agreed with her in the past but not in as much of a controversial way but this is ridiculous.

Does this make me a bad person? I'm a bad person aren't I? Oh jees...

This has all just hit home watching a CBB episode from this week. I hate the Breast is Best brigade and have found myself arguing with them several times a year since Kyd was born in 2002. I believe in choice. I have said several times in the past 'Just because Breast rhymes with Best doesn't make it true'. I have just watched her say the same thing on CBB and I cringed with realisation that I may actually be a mini Katie Hopkins as this is not the first time she has said things I myself have said in the past, amusingly pointed out by my slightly worried husband.

Watching it has shown that she has an issue with compliments, they are her weak spot, her Achilles heal, her demise if you will. I am the same. I bloody hate compliments. I hate people being overly nice to me. I'm more uncomfortable with that than I would be watching my Mum have sex in front of me... OK maybe not but I can't join in with group hugs or public displays of affection. Hoff and I fist pumped on the alter at our wedding ffs. I have a real issue with it and it was actually nice to see someone else struggling to deal with the same thing. We're like a psychologists dream aren't we, Oh God I said WE. I can't even be nice to myself as it makes me feel sick and I suspect she is the same or she wouldn't be such a hard nosed bitch.

She is actually making me laugh too. I hate myself for that. She does things I know I would do and she casually reacts to certain things I think I would actually blow up over and I actually find myself PROUD of her for not reacting but then she overly reacts to things I think I'd let go and are stupid and we're back to square one. She uses the word Twat like it's the word and too, and I think I may actually go and drown my sorrows as tonight I really have realised I have hated a version of myself for a good few years now and I may need to re-evaluate my brain and fix it with medicinal Gin.

Help me, I am actually Katie Hopkins in disguise but with a conscience and I think I'm going to faint with hatred of myself. Feel free to join in.

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