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School Of YouTube - Comic Relief

So as the summer comes to an end and we put on our coats and hats, we start to think of all the cool stuff that comes up in winter, the new epic TV dramas that are starting, the open fire in the living room... NO not the C word it's too early for that, although this is a C word, just not THAT C word or the poorly C word... or the naughty one before you start to think I'm being crude. The C word I'm thinking about is CHARITY!

You know every time Comic Relief comes around us bloggers go Team Honk crazy and I am looking forward to seeing what my Honk girls are going to come up with this year.

But this year the YouTubers and Indiegogo are going at it too. Take a look at this intro video below...

Indiegogo, the world’s largest crowdfunding platform, is teaming up with UK charity Comic Relief this month on their School of YouTube campaign to raise money for children who don’t have access to education.

The money raised, thanks to the support and commitment of some of the world’s most famous YouTube stars, will be spent on education projects in some of the poorest communities of the world, enabling children from vulnerable and underprivileged backgrounds to go to school and receive a life-changing education.

For five days, YouTube stars have stepped back into the virtual classroom and learnt or taught something completely new, before sharing it with their fans around the world.  In exchange for pushing themselves outside their comfort zones, they’ve asked viewers in the UK and in the US to fund them with contributions via Indiegogo - Funders will have seen challenges from Beckie0, Ashens, Barely Political and Charlie McDonnelld amongst others.

Anastasia Emmanuel, UK Marketing and Community Manager at Indiegogo says: “Access to education is an issue that matters deeply to the Indiegogo community. We’ve seen cause-related and non-profit campaigns have great success using the platform, with a 50% increase in funds raised in the category over the last year. We anticipate the same positive response to our partner page with Comic Relief and are delighted to be working with such an iconic charity that delivers positive change on a global scale.”

Since its launch in 1985, Comic Relief has raised over £960 million towards improving the lives of poor and disadvantaged people across the world. Simon Harrison, Head of International Events at Comic Relief says: “Comic Relief is excited to be working with Indiegogo and utilizing innovative methods of raising money for young people across the world’s poorest communities who desperately need an education. Working with Indiegogo allows us to tap into a whole new audience of people online via their extensive community and social channels. Comic Relief’s mission is to deliver positive change through the power of entertainment and this activity has given us a unique way to do just that.”

Indiegogo empowers people to fund what matters to them and is dedicated to supporting causes the community cares about most. The platform is used to raise both money and awareness for charitable causes, as well as both creative and entrepreneurial projects.

Indiegogo launched as the first online crowdfunding platform in January 2008 with a dedication to democratize funding by allowing anyone, anywhere to raise money for what they’re passionate about. Indiegogo has hosted more than 200,000 campaigns and over 12 million people visit each month to explore, fund and create projects and ideas they support.

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