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Making a Cleaning Schedule Work For You... Add alcohol!

2014 was the least organised year I have had for quite a while. I left my Post It notes behind me, forgot to do lists and complete lists and generally bodged up organised life as I had come to know it. I have had enough of it, it makes my head burst and my mental health unstable... well more unstable than usual. I need to get on it, get organised and get my routines back on track. So I've fixed myself a house cleaning schedule that helps me get motivated and fits my needs.

House Cleaning Schedule.jpg

I think if I stick to this (and the mass of prescribed medication) my mental health will soon be back on track and my house will look less like my toddlers toy box has thrown up everywhere and more like the house I once knew. I may have to restock my alcohol cupboard though, you know, as it is scheduled in and all that, I can't say no...

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