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Ten Minutes A Day Can Change EVERYTHING with Save The Children

The new video, made by BAFTA- and Cannes-Lion-winning creative agency Don’t Panic, is a sequel to the ‘Most Shocking Second a Day Video’ that the agency previously made for Save the Children. The film which raised awareness of the continuing conflict in Syria was viewed more than 33 million times on YouTube.

‘Ten minutes a day could change everything’ catalogues the kind of missed opportunities faced by non-readers and the downward spiral their lives can take if they are forced opt out of tasks that involve reading and writing such as completing application forms, acting on bills and paperwork, and social activities like catching the right train. Watch the video here....

Ceri Richards, Director of Brand and Communications at Save the Children, said: “It’s shocking that 40% of our country’s poorest children leave school not being able to read well. Our film shows the struggle and difficultly that a child can face if he or she doesn’t read well and the impact this can have once they grow up. Using powerful digital content we want to spread the word about Read On. Get On. and urge everyone to play their part to get all children reading well by age 11, by 2025 by picking up a book, comic, magazine or newspaper and reading for just 10 minutes every day.”

Don't Panic's Creative Director, Richard Beer, said: "It’s easy to take for granted that everyone can read, but the UK is actually one of the most unequal countries in Europe when it comes to reading ability. We wanted to create a video that drives home the serious consequences of illiteracy in a way that doesn’t come across as didactic or detached. And, as with all our videos, we wanted to create something people want to share, rather than buying media and not giving them a choice.”

About Don’t Panic

The Ten Minutes a Day video is the latest digital campaign from Don’t Panic for Save the Children. Since the success of their Most Shocking a Day video, Don’t Panic have chalked up another global viral hit with their Everything is Not Awesome video for Greenpeace’s LEGO and Shell divestment campaign. The agency specialises in creating shareable content that DOES NOT require a media budget to go viral, leading to far higher levels of engagement and response. 

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