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Should I vlog and blog or just blog not vlog? Confused yet?

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Blog -

A written/photographed personal website.

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A video version of a blog, usually on Youtube.

I've been blogging for nearly 5 years now... I know, madness isn't it?! I started as a form of therapy and it soon became a way of life, a key to a different world, a world behind an invisible door, full of people and opportunities that were never there before. It has changed my life for the better and it really doesn't matter whether I'm good at it or not and that is why I love it.

The thing is, as I've changed so has the blogging universe and it's becoming a very strange relationship. I love it but has it outgrown my little nonsense blog about not much? Or do I just need to move with the times and learn a bit more about where blog life is now? How to use every social media platform known to man, create a following and get greater opportunities? or Do I learn how to vlog? Is it worth it and is my voice and face suitable for the vlogging world or am I going to get trolled by crazies and eggs thrown at me in the street? Will I swear or not? Will I have time? Will anyone even watch it or even give a shit?

So many bloody questions!!

I recently learnt that there is a shortage of mummy vloggers on Youtube... but am I worthy of being a mummy vlog? I have kids, yes, but I'm not an expert in any field and I'm the type of parent that learns from mistakes and the mistakes are thick and fast. Plus I think my life needs to be more about everything, not just kids, I hate it when people think parenting is the be all and end all of life and they can't possibly have a life outside of this amazing opportunity that mother nature has given them.... *Yawn* get a life, teach your kids independence by being independent and stop living through them, you can have the best of both worlds you know. Time apart is as important as time together... see this is why I think I'm going to get into trouble on YouTube. I don't know if I'm going to fit into the mould of MUMMY as well as I fit into the world as ALICE, strangely though I have been Mummy almost as long as I was ever Alice. So am I actually that good at being Alice? But what is a Mummy mould anyway? We are all different no?!

Corr, I'll stop with the questions now this is getting a bit deep, sorry...

Annnnnyway, that is another thing about me doing vlogging, what if I go off on tangents and start ranting about something random halfway through a review of a toy? My brain has too many words to get out and I tend to use 50x more words in one sentence as others but with only half the breath... I call that oxygen saving, others call it annoying and hard to follow. It's just me though, I've learnt to love it... that's a massive lie, I annoy myself as much as I annoy you.

So what do I do? I tried practising talking to camera and this was the outcome...

I think if I did this I'd need help, advice, childcare and lot of practice, maybe even a new voice hahahaha. Move over Zoella... NOT

Do I just stick to typing and being a keyboard queen or do I start verbally abusing myself with questions on youtube? Do I just have a face for radio as it were?

I've not actually answered any of my own questions, in fact, I've given myself more to think about.

Bloody hell Alice, sort yourself out!

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