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21 reasons to love the no.21

No.21 is a big deal in our house, you know what with Kyd having 21 chromosomes and all that, but this awesome little infographic has made me laugh out loud and do quizzical 'ohhh I'd not thought of that' faces the whole way down. I genuinely didn't know that there were 21 dots on a dice... where has that info been all my life? Or that Italian's only have 21 letters in their alphabet! Say What?!?! I thought they used the same alphabet we do... well I never!

Also I have only got 21 seconds to pass the mic, I've got 21 seconds to say what I've gotta say. But you won't like me anyway, but I won't hesitate. So Solid Crew is here to stay (they weren't) we're going right to the top of it. Cause I, a a a, twenty, cause I a a a twenty, cause I, only got twenty one seconds... If you sang that I am proud of you and your knowledge of 00's garage tunes.

Oh come on, you know you love a bit of So Solid madness even if garage isn't your cup of tea (it is defo not mine) it's still a catchy ear worm. The fact they're included in this infographic made me smile way more than it should have done!

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