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Brilliance in Blogging Awards - Inspire? Shortlisted? ME? Really?

I tried my best to capture the look on my face when I read that I was shortlisted for the Inspire category in the BiBs... I don't think you can draw the 'You f-ing what??' look if I'm honest.

I've been SHORTLISTED for the

BiB's INSPIRE category.

I am still shocked at the fact that my name was on a list with so many amazing people and blogs all of whom are very worthy of being there.... then there's little (tall) old me.

I didn't put out a 'Nominate Me' post beforehand.

I didn't tweet that I wanted to be nominated.

I didn't facebook it either.

I did nominate several of my fellow bloggers however and I did discuss it a few times with others because I wanted to make sure people I believed deserved to be in there, were in there.

I didn't do any of the pre nominations stuff because I didn't think I was deserving of a nomination above so many who I admit to being inspired by daily...

I didn't think I was fit for such an amazing category.

So for whoever nominated me...


I am still shocked.

I struggled last month to even open my laptop because I was under a dark cloud, the past few weeks have seen me go from a dark cloud and heavy rain, to heat waves and light showers. I couldn't have gotten there without some of the bloggers also in these category's.

I couldn't have gotten there without YOU.

I don't have a niche as such. I flit from Special Needs to Lifestyle, Mental Health to Reviews, with the odd bit of Food and Fashion thrown in for good measure.

I really didn't think I had a category, but it seems I do.

So please raise a glass to myself and all the other amazing blogs shortlisted across the categories.


 AND if you have a spare few minutes and you enjoy reading my posts please take time out and place a vote for myself in the INSPIRE category and all the amazing other folk you love to read in the BiBs, I'm sure you'll recognise a few names on there to vote for.

6 blogs from each category will make it through to the final.

Voting Ends 23rd May

Thank You again for the nomination and in advance for the vote.


I really do appreciate it.