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Kyd invades the pitch at Reading vs Bradford FA Cup game - What a hooligan he is!

Last night was a big one for me and mine. Last night we made history. Last night we changed the face of Reading FC's footballing record...

OK so we didn't, the players did BUT we were part of it.

Supporting from the stands in a sell out crowd, Kyd and Hoff sang and cheered surrounded by the clubs longest serving and newest fans whilst Rocky and I watched at home on the tele because it was a late one. I'm not bitter at all... OK I'm a bit bitter. We have been taking it in turns to attend this season due to Rocky and his inability to sit throughout an entire game. So I wasn't there but they were so that is all that matters... honest.

Anyway, this is the first time in 88 years that Reading have made it through to the Semi finals of the FA Cup with a 3-0 win over Bradford. It is something we have dreamed of but never actually achieved in most fan's lifetime's. I say most because one awesome lady fan, I've had the pleasure of meeting, is a whole 93 years young and the BBC focussed in on her last night and it made me smile a lot. I want to be her when I'm 93. We all held the ACTUAL Cup last January, just days after Kyd had major surgery and the dream of having Reading FC inscribed on the base was one we all discussed but it was just that... a dream. We are the furthest to hit that dream than we have ever been in 88 years and what a game we had to get there. 3 superb goals from players we hold dear to our Royal hearts.

The game wasn't without it's controversy though. We had an acrobatic streaker (he only had his top off don't worry)... which was hilarious, however ridiculous and stupid it was. The Bradford fans threw some random items onto the pitch in protest of their players Red Card, we found out later one was arrested for throwing racist abuse at one of our players, nothing warrants racism, I hope they throw the book at him.

After the final whistle blew, some of our excited and proud fans invaded the pitch to celebrate making history, something we've done in the past for promotion games and what most teams fan's do on such occasions as this. The fans celebrated, cheered, hugged the players and generally showed their pride in their team. Some took it too far, some made the rest of the loyal, happy, proud fans look like idiots. One let off a flare and allegedly threw one into the away fans. Others goaded the Bradford fans with violent taunts, whilst others threw stuff at them...

But you see, these people were in the minority and yet all the fans seem to be getting jip for it, which has wound me up somewhat. The stewards allowed the fans on the pitch, the police also stayed still yet alert as they ran on, because for such a big achievement and game, they knew it was going to happen. They allowed it, so who is at fault? (other than the idiots being stupid) The loyal fans or the security in the stadium?

Reading and Bradford will be having talks with the FA this week about fines and disciplinary action on those involved in the pitch invasion...

Well here is one of the culprits... I welcome any person or club willing to punish a 12 year old season ticket holder (on his 8 consecutive year) with Down Syndrome for supporting his club and being proud of his team. Bring it on... I'll be happy to argue it and I am proud of his passion and commitment.

Be Loud, Be Proud and Back The Boy's and Make Some Noise.... But don't be that loud or you'll get shit from the stewards, or that proud or you'll get punished for doing so, or in fact make any noise for fear of offending others.... Welcome to the Madejski Stadium, Home of Reading FC.