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'Why Does Santa Hate Me? Was I Naughty?'

I have been thinking about Santa and his actions a lot recently. Traditions change from household to household and Santa can be VERY generous bringing loads of really expensive presents, a huge sack full of random stuff or just one small inexpensive gift. Each to their own and all, BUT...

How does that translate in the playground?

How is it fair that Santa brings one child a Bike, a TV and an iPad and then bring their best friend, a book and a bar of chocolate. That kid then feels he has done something wrong, Santa must hate him, he must just be too naughty for presents. This can do a lot of harm to a child's confidence.

Kids are usually quite acceptant of whether their family has loads of money or not. They may not like it but they know it because you can always teach a child the value of money. But Santa is different, Santa is supposed to love everyone and deliver presents to all children by magic, they are told this every year for weeks and it's bigged up by parents as a sort of bribery (I'm guilty of this).

'Be good or you'll get no presents'....

What happens when they get significantly less than others? or nothing at all? Does Santa hate them? Does Santa think they are naughty? Is Santa discriminating against the poor?

So be modest with your Santa gifts. Give something small from Santa and keep the best presents from you. Not every family can afford to buy a huge sack full of presents and they put themselves in debt trying to keep up with their children's friends, so that they don't feel left out. The parental guilt is huge. Some don't even have the means to do that. Some have to go without food for the week just to buy a few small gifts from the pound shop and just one main present, if that. Not everybody can afford for Santa to be extravagant and in the words of Laura from 'Tired Mummy of Two' - 'why should Santa take all the credit anyway? I earned that cash to spoil my kids and why should he take the credit for that? They need to know that money buys things, not magic'.

I just thought this was something for all parents to think about.

Something to keep in mind this Christmas.

Something to stop children losing the magic of Santa.

Merry Christmas xxx