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Bipolar Disorder - #MeAndMyMentalIllness

Tonight I watched as some brave individuals played out their mental illness in a documentary on channel 5, Me and My Mental Illness, and I thought, why is this not me? Why do I hide as much as I do when this is such a large part of my life? The only answer I could come up with... fear.

Since being diagnosed with Bipolar a few years ago, I haven't been quiet about it but I haven't exactly shouted. If asked, I'll tell. If I'm struggling and I have to explain, I'll explain.

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What ever happened to respect your elders?

I am a bit riled this afternoon after having an encounter with a young girl, about 9, in the playground of Rocky's school. When growing up, I was taught to respect ALL adults and do what they say when they asked. I was taught that other people's parents MUST be respected at all times, you'd call them Mr and Mrs and show them gratitude and smile. If told off by an adult for something you would say sorry and do what they say or at least genuinely mean sorry. Even as a teen, as gobby as I was, if a friend's parent told me off I was mortified (you know who you are).

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An open letter to old friends... Remember Me? I'm that girl you once knew...

Dear old friend,

I don't know if you remember me, but I am a girl you once knew. You once made a life sized impact on my life for a certain period of time and then a life sized hole where you once stood opened as you disappeared. 

I don't recall why or how we drifted apart but I know it was probably something to do with the fact I was a massive dick to you at some point in time. 

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British Independence Day - The new normal sparks a social media war.

I often think that social media has changed the world for the better and in some ways the worse. But never more so the latter than when it's election or vote time. No matter where you are in the world, you have politics. No matter where you stand with the politics in your country, you have backlash. For every opinion there is an opposing opinion and that is where the problem lies. 

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The wine novice's guide to wine...

My name is Alice, I'm a blogger and I'm a wine novice. There I said it...

I always said wine was disgusting. I always said I would rather drink muddy water. Oddly though I hit 30 in February and suddenly I actually liked the stuff. I mean I used to drink it at events but I never actually enjoyed it. I did the same with Coffee, I suddenly at aged 29, started drinking coffee and appreciating the art of coffee making. My life in the past few years has become a weird taste bud learning curve and I love it.

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Everything you need to know about the morning after pill

This might come as a surprise post on here but I like to have a mix of info and fun on here. Recently I have been reminiscing about how stupid I was as a teenager and how important I feel teens knowing their stuff is. The internet wasn't as readily available when I was a teen and so the info was only there if you had the guts to ask someone.

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My blog taught me the art of being wrong...

Blog/life balance can somehow get a bit crazy in the midst of all things online. Wires are sometimes crossed and opinions are formed without a single understanding of what is really happening behind what you see on the screens. People can be seen as something they're not and feelings can be hurt without you even realising. Here lies where my blog has taught me how to be wrong.

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5 ways you can win at being an awesome parent for free...

Parenting, something people try so hard to get right and can often get it so wrong but are you winning at it? If they are fed, warm, clean and happy the only other thing you need to do is create memories they will cherish forever and amazingly they are completely free. Sometimes all you need is a bit of nonsense and a huge lump of laugh out loud giggles, that way you know that you are definitely winning at this parenting lark and you're an awesome parent... 

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