About Life As Alice...

Life As Alice came about after I found myself falling more and more out of love with my original blog, My Life, My Son, My Way. I felt like I was in a failing relationship and so I bit the bullet and ended it. It wasn't it, it was me and all that break up jazz.

I grew out of that title, that style and that platform and I felt like I wanted to become a blogging grown up. So I moved and created a proper website and a real URL. Taking the leap from BlogSpot to here was quite a scary step but I've done it and I couldn't be happier.

Here at Life As Alice I will write about me, my lifestyle, my loves and hates, my family life, parenting a child with Down Syndrome and more importantly to me, our travels around the world. Basically I cover everything on here, you may as well be in my living room... although that would be creepy.

Everything I write will still be in my words and are obviously my own opinions, except a few paragraphs taken from relevant websites. I like to be honest and sometimes that gets me into trouble but hey ho, life would be boring if we all shared the same opinions wouldn't it.

I hope you like the new look. I am really looking forward to embracing a happy new blog life as Life As Alice.