All About Rocky...

This is Rocky. He was born in 2012.

He is a bit of a tornado of trouble and is always on the go.

Rocky Likes: Lego, Martial Arts, Music, Teddy Bears, Drawing, Winding The Dog Up, Causing Trouble and Cake, not necessarily in that order. 

When I asked Rocky what I should write on here about him, he said,

Cake, caaaake, CAKE!
— Rocky

A bit about Me and Rocky: Rocky actually shouldn't be here, he's a bit of a miracle baby. He had something like a 1:3 chance of surviving past 4 weeks during pregnancy due to my dodgy genetics. He then had a 1:4 chance, if he did hold on, of NOT developing one of many disabilities that can happen due to said dodgy genetics (Down Syndrome being one of the best outcomes, shockingly enough). Turns out he is absolutely fine... in fact he's super fine. He is tall like me, clever like Hoff and apart from developing a huge growth under his arm from his TB jab and it going undiagnosed for over a year, he's relatively healthy. This is a shock to the system for me. I have never dealt with a toddler before, Kyd was 3 before he could walk. I dislike that he can move so early and so much, he is like a tornado of trouble and a growing one at that but he is lovely to snuggle with and pretty cute, so we don't mind too much.