All About Kyd...

This is Kyd. Kyd was born in 2002 and has Down Syndrome

He likes: life and lives it to the full. He also loves football, music, WWE, Batman, The Big Bang Theory and his PlayStation.

When asked what I should write on here about him he said,

Sums him up quite well to be honest. I then asked him who he most wanted to meet in the world...

A bit about Me and Kyd: Kyd's down syndrome was a massive shock to me, my family and my friends but we just got on with it and took life as it came. It was a struggle I won't lie, the diagnosis brought with it Post Natal Depression and many other problems and it took years to get my head around it, not that Kyd would have noticed, he was more than happy. We have no contact with his real dad but Hoff is in the process of adopting him and he couldn't be happier about it.

I’m funny and I like Fish & Chips
— Kyd