All About Hoff...

He is a 30 something husband and dad of 2.

He is also a little bit crazy but I quite like that about him. Lets face it taking on myself and Kyd, as well as 2 cats was a little bit mad. Adding a baby, a tortoise and a dog into the mix just makes him a bit crazy... well it makes us all a bit crazy actually, I can't blame it all on him.

Hoff likes: beer, football, cycling, darts, city breaks and time away from the mad house, not necessarily in that order.

A bit about Me and Hoff: We met at football and were friends for a long time before we got together. He says 'he played the long game' I say he's sneaky. He proposed in a pub in Camden, London in 2011, under a picture of the Grim Reaper with the ring of my dreams. We then married in 2013 and after putting up with 2 years of Wedding crafting from me, he was pleased it was all over but thinks it was definitely worth it (he better think it was worth it). He does put up with a lot of random blog stuff from me and the kids and has admitted that he thought blogging was an online cult, until I became a Mark Warner ambassador and then suddenly it was the best thing since Oreo icecream. He doesn't really get it but he's happy if it makes me happy.... and if he gets fun stuff to do. All in all, he's an all round good egg.