About Me & Mine



My name is Alice and I am broken. 

I have never really been the most stable person throughout my life. However, in 2014 a Psych Dr finally pinpointed why I was a crazy liability... Bipolar 2.

I'd like to say that knowing this and labelling it has helped but it has been as confusing as the actual condition; if not more so. More meds, less meds, new meds, no meds. New symptoms, old symptoms, therapy, no therapy, hypnotherapy, exercise, mindfulness. Is it? Isn't it? Was it? Wasn't it? Am I? Aren't I? Do they believe me? Do they understand?

Let's just say my mind is a mess and my body is broken but that's OK because it makes for good reading for you... just kidding, or am I?

Winging Life & Blogging

Yeah, I am genuinely winging everything, life, parenting, this blog... I have been blogging since 2011, help run BlogOn (a biannual conference about blogging) and have some hugely successful blogger friends but I still have no idea what I'm doing. I am tech phobic and hate doing admin, this doesn't help now-a-days as it's all about the admin. Blogging has changed so bloody much since I started and there are so many people doing the same thing it's really hard to make your mark. I'm not really looking to make a mark, I'm just happy to plod along doing my shit. Don't like it? Sod ya! Sometimes I'll disappear due to relapse. I've learnt not to look at stats as it stresses me out if I think it's a competition with others. It's OK if you're shit if you're not stat counting though as you can just kid yourself that you're awesome. I AM AWESOMELY SHIT!


In the midst of my crazy, is more crazy. The Hassall household is anything but sane. There is so much going on at once here it's no wonder I'm mad! A whopping 28 legs running riot, 7 peni accurately missing the target, 2 lots of school and homework arguments, 7 lots of after school activities, 100000 loads of washing, 7 lots of testosterone flying high and only 2 sets of period hormones; one of which only happens twice a year (Audrey the puppy and I are completely outnumbered by boys, she is my sanity).

The Hassall's

  • Alice, 1986; AKA - Mum, Wife, Idiot, Donut or Shitface
  • Hoff, OLD; AKA - Dad, Husband, Hofety, Div or Twathead
  • Rhys, 2002; AKA - Kyd, Big R, Numpty or Fartface.
  • Robin, 2012; AKA - Rocky, Little R, Hassallpants or Poobrain

The Hassamal's

  • Dave the Cat, black, 2008
  • Syd the Cat, ginger, 2009
  • Bruce the Tortoise, Hermanns, 2013
  • Leonard the Donkey/Dog, WeimXGSP, 2014
  • Audrey the Dog, Shichon, 2018